iVaxed Presents: Vaxed + Relaxed

iVaxed Presents: Vaxed + Relaxed

Sailing into the new normal, in style.

APRIL 19, 2021 - BOSTON - Ivaxed presents, "Vaxed + Relaxed," departing this summer from 50 Rowes Wharf Gate B twice a day on Sundays from May thru September featuring plenty of entertainment and a showcasing of iVaxed products aimed at reducing social anxieties and their vaccination authentication initiative.

Ivaxed is proud to bring "Vaxed + Relaxed," a 90-minute harbor cruise aboard the vessel, "Rip Ryder," of Rowes Wharf Water Transport for the very first time. This event aims to benefit small businesses and first responders of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each excursion will feature hilarious Drag Queens, upbeat music, curated bites, and a hosted mimosa lounge. All guests will receive the company's rapidly growing product known as, the "heart of gold," the first-ever of its kind product which is already helping thousands ease into a new normal.

"One of our goals with this event is to help reduce social anxieties around the COVID-19 vaccines/pandemic," said Lou Cueva founder and CEO of iVaxed. "We couldn't think of a more unique way to ease into the new normal, while supporting frontline workers, than this premier experience on Boston's beutiful harbor waters."

Health & Safety Information:

  • Vaccination verification is required by all who board (following RSVP)
  • A face covering is required for the event
  • Temperature checks will be performed during the boarding process
  • The vessel is disinfected between every trip and crew members are subject to same protocols as guests who board.

Tickets are now on sale at $75.00 per person with proceeds to benefit small businesses and first responders through the company's Pin for Positivity Program.  For more information on how you can be sailing into the new normal in style, visit www.ivaxed.co

Justin F. Franco
Justin F. Franco Chief Communications Officer, iVaxed


About iVaxed

iVaxed is a Boston start-up company that strives to reduce social anxieties, raise COVID-19 vaccine awareness, and give back to the communities we serve. Founded in early 2021, the company offers innovations to the new normal through products, services, and events. The company’s “heart of gold” pin is the first product to ease social anxieties made available to the public. In 3Q21, iVaxed will launch its most innovative and the world’s most advanced smart pin to fully vaccinated individuals. PinPass will enable people, businesses, and communities to manage COVID-19 vaccination protocols in practical ways and link resources in real-time through NFC technology. Find out more about how iVaxed is innovating while entering a new normal at ivaxed.co